One Man In The Hands Of God


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GO.TELL 60-0417 (38) You know, it doesn't do much good to go if you haven't got something to tell. I think that's been a whole lot of the trouble of today. We go to tell; we go, but have nothing to tell, nothing of any benefit, nothing that would help people. But if we will follow the instructions as these disciples who got the commission, we have the same commission, "Go tell my disciples that I'm risen from the dead." Go tell it. Then He says, "Go, preach it, and show these signs that I am alive from the dead." What a message. "Go tell and go show my disciples these things that you have seen, that I am not dead, but risen from the dead."

Since the early years when the message work began in Malawi, a number of ministers have had a burden for the people of Mozambique. The passion that these ministers have shown has enabled the labor to reach the remotest parts with the message of the hour as per the commission from The Lord Jesus Christ “Go tell my disciples that I'm risen from the dead.” Since those early days different ministries have set up outreach programs to minister to those who would receive the message of the hour in Mozambique. One of the Pastors with a ministry in Mozambique, Pastor Marrion Msungeni has been sending his ministers to preach to the bride in Mozambique.

Recently in October 2013, Br. Harrison Msungeni who is a deacon and a minister in his Church responsible for missionary work in Malawi and Mozambique was sent for series of meetings in Namarohi, a remote province in Mozambique. The Brethren left on Friday October 11 with the plan to meet with Pastor Vitorey from Milanje Church in Mozambique at the Malawian border from where they would leave together for Namarohi. Bro. Harrison was unaware of the stretch that lay before him to Namarohi. Being the first time to go to this particular province, he was ill prepared for the 9 hours’ drive he had to make.

Brother Harrison at one village in Mozambique where he distributed the message books after testifying to the people. The people were very eager to receive a message book and were urged to read the book and compare it with what the bible says. In the morning the brethren were ready to go to church. Br. William had made sure they were well rested and fed for the service. The brethren would sing on top of their voices and dance in the Lord and gave their hearts whole heartedly to the Lord albeit in hot weather! Present during the service were Pastor Vitorey from Milanje, Pastor Antonio from illie, Pastor Bonifaso Luigi from Namarohi church and Pastor Bento Muthuwera. Patronage at the meeting was estimated to be around 3,000 strong.

The first service was taken by Pastor Antonio. The atmosphere for the service had been set right at the outset with the song service being electrified with the anointing of God. Just after the service the pastor of the assembly came forth and declared to the church that he wanted to rededicate his family to the Lord in a state of holy matrimony and it behooved us and pastor Vitorey to bless his family. They did not want to leave any part of the message undone. When they heard the word, they were quick to act with faith upon it. Such is the faith of the bride! Just as sure as every true message of God is brought forth, there was the manifestation of signs following. A certain Sister had come ill and was on a stretcher, she could not walk. They brought her forward to be prayed for. Br. Harrison just spoke to her and asked her if she had faith to believe for her healing. She said yes, and he told her to then leave the stretcher and walk home. She walked from then on praising the Lord. Another baby was wailing with a tooth ache, hardly had Br. Harrison held him in the arms than he quietened down and even went to sleep in his arms. Many testimonies are told of how others had left home and behind them their roof ripped off in the wind and some had bush fire raze their house to ashes, but they could not go back immediately to attend to the catastrophe. They said there was a better thing to attend to, the meetings, and that they would take care of the events later. Such faith is pleasing to the Lord.


The devil has fought the church in Mozambique with all sorts of doctrines and sicknesses of all kinds. But the saints in Mozambique have held strong to the message and it was a direct answer from God that Br. Harrison had made it to Namarohi after such a long time since missionaries came. A ministerial meeting was held with the local Pastors and elders to give them a platform to air out their needs. Attending the meetings, was brother Luigi, an elder who had been a Minister of the Gospel in the early days. He later married two wives. But after realizing that holiness was to be maintained in the Church of the Living God, the Brother then left the ministry in the hands of his son. Then not knowing what to do next, he backslid. But after hearing word that there would be services that had been organized, he came to church and repented and has since come back to the Lord. Another older brother, Br. Muriya was present in the meetings. He testified about how the message of the hour was made known to him. His story dates back to the early years when Brother Harold and late Br. Don Bablitz first came to Mozambique. He had hosted them in his home when they arrived and he remembers them really well. He is sending special greetings to Br. Harold.

Br. Muriya stands on the left. Though still very ill from stroke, yet he is still a rugged soldier in the army of the living God. He once hosted Br. Harold and late Br. Don. Here his picture was taken as he was held by Pastor Vitorey. The meeting identified all sorts of needs from the brethren. Evident was the need for Bibles and message books. It was revealed at this meeting that the last time ministers came from Malawi was in 2006. Since then, one of the Churches had been sharing only two books from which they would also preach a section at each service. The brethren even had to copy the books into their own text books so they could have a message to read at home and pass on to the next brother. Bibles were a very rare jewel to be found. Yet in all this, the brethren had something precious in their souls that have kept them through the lean months. They have called for Ministering brethren from Malawi to visit them every so often. They would also appreciate Bibles and message books in both Chichewa and Portuguese. The Pastor who declared he wanted his family rededicated to the Lord in a state of Holy Matrimony. He was wedded according to the precepts of the bible and the end time message.

The brethren that had gathered pose for a group picture after one of the services. Many more were still coming for the photo. It was estimated that the congregation was around 3000 people. They sat tightly together just to create more room for the next brother. It was a time for the Lord to visit.


The road to Namarohi has been wrought with unevenness and uncertainty lies ahead of the willing missionary brethren. However the Godly atmosphere that is characteristic of the brethren there is not to be missed. It is clear to the eye that a lot more work needs to be undertaken in our quest as the Bride of Christ to find the last seed. The brethren there have been left encouraged both spiritually and naturally that there are other brethren who are willing to tread unfamiliar territory to bring the true message of the Prophet to them.

The word of the Lord is to be preached to every creature before the last seed comes in. Since we are not sure where the last one is from, let us continue in the field searching for that soul. By the way the outreach ministry is growing, it is easy to understand that there is still some seed of God which is stuck in denominationalism and is seeking for the truth. It might be in the remote parts of Mozambique or in the farthest part of Malawi. Wherever they are the great commission still rings out: “GO TELL My disciples that I'm risen from the dead.

Reported by Br. Harrison Msungeni- Deacon End time Message Believers



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