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Pakistan Missions Report April 2015


Dear Precious brothers and sisters,

Christian greetings,Christian in Pakistan are experiencing persecutions and attacked from Islamic militants and religious fanatics that are targeting Christian institutions, and churches brutally. Government and security agencies including Pakistan military is handling terrorist with iron hands in every possible way.In this kind of uncertain security and political situation, we are thankful to God for His mercy and grace upon His own. Message churches in Pakistan are doing well by God,s grace.Pakistan Ministers Conference that was scheduled in March got postponed because of the 2 bomb blasts in two denominational churches at Lahore in March. We were warned by security agencies and police that it's too risky to have this kind of conference where over 100 ministers shall gather from the different parts of the country. So we did postpone ministers conference in March and now we're are praying to have Pakistan Ministers Conference in May 2015. Bro.Barry and Bro. Anwar will preach through Skype video link while four of the local ministers will also be ministering at this blessed conference.I am thankful to Lord for Ministers of this ultimate Truth of the Gospel in Pakistan that they are now well spiritual mature and walk with the light of the Message. Our enemy is trying its hard to confuse the very elected ones about the Messenger and about the Message which is the only God's provided way for the Restoration of the Bride of Christ.
Some "message believer" ministers from Europe are trying to influence the churches in Pakistan by reaching to them and offering them with financial benefits and rewards in order to bring them in their formed group under the banner of " message ". These ministers brought their own version of Message claiming that Bro. Branham is not the fulfilment of Revelation 10:7 and 7th messenger, along with various of other their own thoughts regarding rapture contrary than what Bro. Branham taught. Pakistani Brethren were left with confusion with false teachings which they refused for they had learned the truths of God's Word , so they were not shaken at all. Lately we did some more discussions , question answer and Bible studies to go through the Truths of the Gospel and what Bro. Branham taught us in this regards.In 2nd week of April their false "7th messenger" went himself with a little group of his missionaries to preach to Pakistani ministers in order to bring them under his ministry, so all the Pakistani Message ministers were invited to attend his meetings with a promise of financial benefits and church buildings . I share this with the great thankful heart that Pakistani ministers refused to be a part of such ministry and meetings and nobody showed up except their two old loyal friends with their little groups.Glory to God for He is able to take care of His own."And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand." Amen.It's all because of the guidance of the Holy Spirit and by the preaching of the Word of Life that had blessed message churches in Pakistan and they have true revelation of the Message and Messenger . Glory to God and thanks very much for you all wonderful brothers and sisters who are always very supportive and prayerful in the spread of this Message in other nations including Pakistan.
We are so much thankful for Bro. Barry Coffey and Bro. Eugene Braun, their churches and all brothers and sisters that are supporting the missions work for their faithful financial support and prayers.Believers in Pakistan are very grateful for the provision of the translated and printed Message in Urdu. There is nothing important and greater than the Word for the Hour. We are very much thankful to Bro. Greg Alford and Gospel Way Outreach church Believers (New Zeland) for their love and care for the work of Lord and supporting this worthwhile project and also for providing Urdu Bibles to those who can not afford to buy their personal Bible. Bride of Christ in Pakistan is very much obliged to you all precious like faith brothers and sisters for your fervent prayers ,concerns and support for God's kingdom in the fulfilment of His commanded Word. Thanks very much and please continue work of God is Pakistan in your prayers. May our Lord richly bless you all. Amen.
Your in Him, 
Bro. Anwar Javed.