South Korea, Thursday, 2015


A minister once told me, "Never forget about the person next to you on the plane when on a missions trip, they might be the one you are there for". That went though my mind as Bro. Adam Ali and myself, Bro. Stephen Coffey settled in for our long flight from Detroit to Seoul, South Korea on Tuesday, September 9th. After we sat down the Korean gentlemen seated next to us introduced himself, then we did the same. He then asked what the nature of our trip was to Korea. We told him we were there because of a burden for the Korean people to come and share the Gospel. He perked up and and said, "Praise God! So am I", he went on and explained that he was originally from Korea, and is a Southern Baptist pastor from Washington D.C. traveling to Seoul for just the same reason, to preach the Gospel. He invited us to hear him preach and meet the Pentecostal Christians he was going to preach too. We pray God will open doors to bring the Message of the Hour to these congregations.

This gentleman also explained many things to us about the Christians in Korea from a denominational standpoint. He told us how Christianity took a hold in the country after the Korean war. With the country in complete ruin after the war in the 1950's, Koreans had nothing to turn to but the few local Christian missions in their villages. Christianity spread throughout the poor South Korean villages and cities and they began to pray for their country that God would help them rebuild their torn nation. In the 1940's only 2% of the nation was Christian, in the 1990's it had increased to over 19%. They believe that much of South Korea's spiritual and economic success is due to the prayers of these early Korean Christians. Now they send missionaries to all parts of the world, second only to the number of U.S. missionaries being sent out into the world. Driving downtown Seoul it is not uncommon to see churches from all types of denominations scattering the landscape. 

We are now in Seoul, and today we are going to meet with Bro. Mike Nutter, a believer from Bro. Suh's Message church here in the city. This is the small group of believers that God had established through the mission work of Bro. Lonnie in the 1980's. The Lord willing we will be meeting with these believers over this coming weekend. One thing that we realize is that we as young men can do the country of South Korea and the people here no good by ourselves, only the Word, the Truth, the Message of the Hour can do them good. Therefore we rely on the Holy Spirit to do the leading, and we offer our ourselves to Him, however He may choose to work in this country. 

We pray that the Lord works here in this country, and who knows, maybe the last seed to be brought in sits just around the next corner. 



"Remember our boys out there in Korea tonight. God, I believe if there'd been more missionaries sent in, these things would not have happened. But we have money for machinery, everything, but seem like when it comes to Your work."

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The 5,000 years of Korean history and culture, and the Korean people's indomitable spirit in the struggle for national freedom have produced a society renowned not only for its kindness and generosity of spirit but also for the high educational standards of its citizens.

Since the 1980's Bro. Lonnie Jenkins had visited South Korea, establishing a foothold among the people there with the Message of the Hour. A portion of that group still exists today and I was just able to visit there in December of this past year. There are a couple of small groups there and in the past few weeks, they have attempted to come together in one Assembly. Bro. Suh and Bro. Nutter will be ministering to the new Assembly which is located in the south of Seoul.